gotoandplay not working

I have a flv file inbedded in a movieclip instance on frame 2 of my main scene(scene 1)

when the flv finishes playing, on the very end ihave this

gotoAndPlay('Scene 1', 3);

it is not working.

how do I tell it to go back to the main level and play frame 3??

I even tried _root.gotoandplay(3);

this errored out saying that I had to have a button or on event handler.

I am using actionscript 2.0
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ok if you've just started on your project, i'l recommend not to use scenes. they always make headaches in some way or the other.
anyway if you're in scene 1 there's no need to reference scene 1

so i've just simulated your setup and _root.gotoAndPlay(3); works perfectly.
if the error says button/event handler you've simply put the code in the wrong place, it must be in the frame action and not the MovieClip action.

judsonmusicAuthor Commented:
It is not in scene one, it is insie a movie clip in scene 1.
How do I tell is to jump back up to the main movie and play frame 3???

BTW, how do I not use scenes???? Whats the difference???
Aneesh ChopraCommented:
as blue-genie suggested, following code should work fine for you


AS2 is case sensitive and I can see  in your comment that you following code is not correct:

A of and, P of play should be in uppercase.

Please try changing it as following and it should be working fine.


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it doesn't matter if you're inside a movieclip thats inside a movieclip that's inside a movieclip thats in scene 1, you're still in scene 1.
if you only have the one scene (default stage in AS2) - then don't worry about it, if you are creating additional scenes, stop and create new files and load them in as swfs.
but one problem at a time.
judsonmusicAuthor Commented:
if you check out my site

it is basically 1 scene with instances inside of it.

I tried that _root.gotoAndPlay(3)

It just replays the intro video again from frame 3 inside that movie clip.

Its not jumping back up to the root. What do I do?????

PLus it is giving an error that I can not use this without an on handler event??

Again the intro video sits on frme 2 of the main scene. I stop on frame 2, the movie clip plays and then inside the movie clip at the end I want ti to go back to top level and play 3. RIght now it just sits there.

I have the button working just fine (enter site) but when I try to use that code by itself, it doesnt work it says I need an on event handler?

pLease help
>> as per my previous post

if the error says button/event handler you've simply put the code in the wrong place, it must be in the frame action and not the MovieClip action.

>> RIght now it just sits there.
sits where. I simulated your setup according to your description and it works fine, its just not working because your code is in the wrong place.

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judsonmusicAuthor Commented:
it works now. thank you so much
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