Session Variable to SQL Parameter

In ASP.NET 2.0
I have a date value saved as a Session variable
Dim dtToday As DateTime = DateTime.Today
Session("dtCurr") = dtToday.ToString

Then trying to get that value into a Select Statement
SelectCommand = "SELECT [EventTitle], [EventStartDate], [EventStartTime], [EventEndTime] From [Events] Where ([EventStartDate]) = CONVERT(datetime,@EventStartDate)"

<asp:Parameter DefaultValue="Session(&quot;dtCurr;&quot;)" Name="EventStartDate" Type="String" />
Getting a syntax error: converting datetime from character string. Have tried a number of permutations, but to no avail.
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Is there a reason you used the type "String" as opposed to type "DateTime".  It might help you to cut the two conversions out of the picture (1 conversion being storing a date as a string, 2 being the conversion back to DateTime)
el_scottyAuthor Commented:
Well that was left from one permutation - I just changed it back to:
Session("dtCurr") = dtToday

Select Statement to: "Where ([EventStartDate]) = @EventStartDate"


Parameter value to: Type='DateTime'

But Still getting System.FormatException:
String Not recognized as a Valid dateTime. unknown word at index 0

If it is set up with Try ... Catch... End Try...  you should catch the exception and message box the value of the variable so you can see the format of the date string.  Either way it would be best to see what that variable looks like when it throws the error, it may be simple when you see it.  IF you can get the value that @EventStartDate throws, post it.  You may need to reorder it (I think there some native date formatting functions you can use)
Your code here:
<asp:Parameter DefaultValue="Session(&quot;dtCurr;&quot;)" Name="EventStartDate" Type="String" />

The value is literally the text: Session("dtCurr")
(Not the value of the session, but that actual text as above)...

Try using a session parameter:
(scroll down to see the example)

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el_scottyAuthor Commented:
Thank You.
SessionParameter does the trick.
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