Setup virtual network in a virtual environment using vmware


I have a virtual network I am trying to build in VMware Workstation 6.5.

How can i build the network below all on one physical machine using vmware?

It hard to explain so please look at the attached picture for details
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aldanchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would create a Team and add all your VMs to this team.

Before you do this make sure your ISA VM has 3 Network Adapters

Name your team
Add your existing VMs - your 3 VMs
Add 2 LAN segments - LAN 1 an 2
Assign LAN 1 to Server A, LAN 2 to Server B
Assign LAN 1, 2, and Bridged to the ISA VM

To keep it simple, I would go into the ISA VM's network connections and rename them according to their VM network (Bridged, LAN1, LAN2). Give each network adapter its appropriate static IP. Do the same with the other servers

vNIC1 = Bridged =, Subnet mask and Default Gateway same as host computer
vNIC2 = LAN 1 =, Subnet mask =, Default Gateway = <none>
vNIC3 = LAN 2 =, Subnet mask =, Default Gateway = <none>

Server A
vNIC1 = LAN 1 =, Subnet mask =, Default Gateway = (ISA)

Server B
vNIC1 = LAN 2 =, Subnet mask =, Default Gateway = (ISA)

Test network connectivity between the ISA VM and the other servers as well as the host to ensure that you can get to each network. Ping each address from the ISA and ping the ISA from each server VM and your host (the computer running VMW).

As far as NAT rules, I'm not too familiar with ISA 2006 as far as setting that up, but what it sounds like is that you need to set up NAT rules to route from the external network to LAN 1 and 2 networks.

I suggest using Freesco as your router for this lab environment.

See this link for acquiring the floppy image and instructions to building it for you: 

This is what I use to test out scenarios that include one or more branch offices.

In your visio design, the freesco VM will act as your router. It'll have three vNICs for your setup. I suggest vNIC configuration as follows:

FREESCO Virtual Machine
vNIC1 - Bridged or Custom > VMnet0 (default Bridged) - the same network as your host (10.10.1.x)
vNIC2 - LAN 1 - for 10.10.19.x subnet
vNIC3 - LAN 2 - for 10.10.20.x subnet

In the freesco interface, make sure to assign the subnets according to these parameters.

Here's a visual representation of this.
junglecomAuthor Commented:
I should have mentioned that the machine with the 3 lans is a ISA2006 sever.  I cannot replace with the freesco unless there is a different way?

Thanks for you diagram! Very nice
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That's fine. Just replace the freesco with your ISA server VM.

You should look at configuring your ISA server with NAT rules for each subnet.

See the following for more info: 
Technet Library > Security and Updates > Microsoft Forefront > Forefront Edge Security > ISA 2006 > Planning and Architecture > Network Concepts in ISA 2006 > section regarding Network Rules and NAT
junglecomAuthor Commented:
How would you set this up in VMware Workstation, a little confused?

junglecomAuthor Commented:
Not the ISA but the Virtual Lans?
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