sending mail to external contact with copy to internal user

OK guys I am running Outlook 2007 on ten pc's using Exchange 2003 on Windows SBS.  Each user's email is setup to download from pop3 to each specific user/pc... our parent company does not allow us to host via exchange so we just funnel the pop3 mail into outlook then sync up with exchange.  Basically each user has outlook configuration with one pop3 account and one exchange account.  The pop3 account is setup as default since all mail comes and goes thru this account.  Also, we have all company contacts in a shared public folder thru exchange.

problem scenario:

sending external mail from public contacts with copy to internal user

from: (another internal employee)

I am sending via my pop3 account with copy to which is the pop3 address for another employee in my office.  However when I send/receive I get the error "Could not complete the operation.  One or more parameter values are not valid"

If I send mail via my pop3 account to ONLY everything works fine.  If I send mail to ONLY thru my exchange account this also works OK.  However, any pop3 sending to does NOT work - even though this is her address that all external people send to her successfully.  Not being able to copy other internal employees on external messages is a problem.

So my question is how do I setup things so I can send to the outside world along with a copy to any internal employees???  It seems I have a problem with how my internal contacts are stored or how outlook handles sending mail internally vs. externally.

Your help is much appreciated.

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cluebeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:

i would guess, that since is already known to your outlook, it replaces the adress with the users exchange-account. Have you got any adresses that are not used by your exchange-server? Can you send to them?

In any way i would suggest to only use the exchange-server for sending mails. Configure the exchange server for outgoing mail to use the mail-server specified in your pop3-accounts as a smarthost. This should make no difference to your parent company.

Also think about using a POP3-Connector on the exchange server for picking up mail. That way you can avoid having mulitple accounts on the clients.
steve-osborneAuthor Commented:
good point - i understand now that the way the exchange server was being used was incorrect... or at least not conventional.  thanks.
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