Memory Leak Driving me nuts.

I download the Pooltag tool which is a little more user friendly than Poolmnon.

I've attached a screen shot of the Pooltag Reported.  These numbers seem high.  I also attached the txt file that is suppose to list the drivers associated with these tags....I can't find the first couple.

Thank you,

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ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When applying an AV package to a server, it is best to call tech support and ask them to tell you how to configure it to work with the server. Many AV products gear towards home use and neglect to think about server applications that need a vas array of communications between the server and client.

This type of thing is very common in the default configuration of the AV products. Usually the AV tech supports will have methods to overcome these issues. Sometimes larger companies, like Symantec or McAfee have poor customer support to overcome these issues. If you choose to go with another AV product, find out from the experts what they do to overcome the issues.

Here is an article I wrote on AV products for a domain: (I think it has some good points)
Let me guess that Volume shadow copy is conflicting with Symantec. This is one of the AV issues  with Symantec. I think there is a fix in the configuration of symantec.
A single snapshot in pooltag or poolmon is not really conclusive. Multiple snapshots do help you pinpoint the error. What you are looking for is a driver that increases, and Increases, and increases in the difference between FREED memory blocs and ALLOCATED memory blocks.

From what I am seeing, there are not to many processes that stand out on the difference between frees and allocates. In fact, it looks pretty good. That doesn't mean 10 or fifteen minutes later you will not have one or two drivers that really stand out.

Remember the only colum that really matters is the DIFFERENCE between Frees and Allocates.

Continue to monitor that colum and see if you can find one driver that really increases in size on that one colum.
Right now, the ones I would monitor closely are TRAT with the difference of 24441 and File with the differnce of 23,xxx.

It's not unheard of to have a 23MB or 24MB allocation of memory.

You can also sort this colum by pressing the ALLOC-FREES colum tab
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GWitekAuthor Commented:
I will do some testing and get back to you.
This is an on-going problem.
Any progress or conclusions as to what is causing the memory leak?
GWitekAuthor Commented:
This started happening on another server recently. Our mission critical one at that. I think i've tracked it down to being Symantec Endpoint Protection (what a surprise, I hate Symantec with a flying passion).  We're looking at new AV solutions right now and will be implementing within the month.

I will update as soon as I find out results.
GWitekAuthor Commented:
We ended virtualizing this server and rebuiling.  I believe this was directly attributed to Symantec AV which we have stopped using. CheifIT gets the points for the help. Thanks!
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