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I'm not a programmer but I want a dropdown on my web site which works a lot like the one on this site, the lady who is doing my web site does not know how to do this in Dreamweaver, can anyone help please or point me in the right direction so i can tell her what to do?
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kdtreshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That site is done in flash. You can't code it in dreamweaver.
SimonreproAuthor Commented:
OK is it quite simple to do in flash?
I imagine it would be fairly straightforward to someone who knows flash, but learning flash is not a trivial thing.
jordanaustinConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Those drop down menu's are not too difficult to do in Flash as kdtresh mentioned. I can give you a quick overview of how you would go about creating these if you like, but alot would depend on what version of Flash you or your developer are going to use or if that is even an option.

The other option would be to use JavaScript and CSS. Maybe have her look over this simple tutorial and see if she can adapt it to a look that you like, this will even provide the source code:   

SimonreproAuthor Commented:
The version she has is CS3, yes any help on doing this would be great, thanks, Simon
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