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We have a branch office connected to our main office through Firewall. It is working fine. But sometimes what happnes is few computers in the branch office could not connect to our exchange server which is installed in our main office. We tried everything but all in vain. Main thing is that Internet works fine, even we can access file server from those computers, but some issue comes up in the outlook. It shows offline and could not receive or send mails.
Any solution, any settings we need to change in the Pc or in the outlook in those PCs.
It happens often. Is there any solution for that.
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1.. outlook in cached mode might help a bit.
You could try using Outlook Anywhere, which might help if there are connectivity issues (even only sometimes).  

Outlook Anywhere is the current name for RPC over HTTP(s) and comes with both Outlook 2003 and 2007 with Exchange 2003 or 2007.

For Exchange 2007/Outlook 2007 look here:

For 2003 versions:

Hope this is helpful.
Did the problem occur after you update the exchange server to SP2?
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ShowkatdarAuthor Commented:
Please give me Specific clearification, if possible detailed solution for this. I am still unable to find the solutions.
What version of Exchange are you running?  What version(s) of Outlook?  That will help us give you specific solutions.
ShowkatdarAuthor Commented:
We are using Exchange Server 2003, and for outlook also we are using 2003.
Hope this could help to solve the issue. I would really be greatfull for all your efforts.
Thank you and Regards
I would still refer you to this article:

It has some great specifics on how to enable RPC over HTTP(s) - with or without an ISA server.  This may help clear up your issue, especially if it is being caused by RPC routing poblems between sites.
ShowkatdarAuthor Commented:
Dear All,
Still facing the same Problem.Got no solution uptill now. The main thing is that user also takes very long to login. Very long means more than 10-15 minutes. Please try to help me.
Thank you and Regards
Is there anything out of the ordinary with the usual suite of connectivity tests?  i.e.:

Odd results to these tests might offer some more insight on where the problem lies.

Info on RPings can be found here
ShowkatdarAuthor Commented:
Dear all,
I have checked ping,tracert as well. Everything is ok. Well the Pc having issue is communicating with out Proxy at head office,Internet is working, fileserver is working but only outlook not working. says connecting...
I disabled McAfee but that too all in vain.
No solution uptill now.
Please help

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