Accessing Webservice using SSL (https://)

I am able to connect to a webservice protected by SSL, but not execute any methods.
Accessing the webservice works completely without SSL. But with SSL, I am getting an error (below)..

This is the code used:

<cfset ws = CreateObject("webservice","")>
<cfdump var="#ws#"> <!---- dump what we get back from web service call, this works! ---->

<cfset resp = ws.theirMethod(xmlstr)>   <!---- this returns an error, only with SSL ---->

The fault returned when invoking the web service operation is:

  faultCode: {}Server. userException  faultSubcode:
  faultString: Connection timed out: connect

On My side: Coldfusion 8 under IIS on Windows Server 2003
On their side:  A webservice using .NET 2008 framework 3.0 secured with SSL v3

I have added their cert to my keystore, makes no difference.  This has been tested and fails on two different servers by different developers, same results.
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gdemariaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The answer is ...

 Coldfusion 8 does not support SSL v3 !!!!    It just won't work until CF 9 is released.
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