Remote monitoring software for clients' systems

My company is looking into getting software to monitor our clients' systems. We mainly deal with Windows. We are currently testing out N-Able and NTR Global's products.

I wanted to know if anyone has suggestions for software that they've used and can recommend that I can add to the list to check out.
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Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerAsked:
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Take a look at these also:
Servers Alive:
Level Platforms:

I use Servers Alive for non-contract customers because it provides network, service, ports, etc... monitoring for less than $300.

For contract customers I use Level Platforms.  I do like some of the feature of Kaseya.   I haven't tried hounddog but they must be good because our Level Platforms rep almost freaked when he saw the hounddog web page up on my pc.  I do that often.  When a vendor comes it to negotitate a price I just happen to have their competitors site up on my pc.  It tends to make them a lot more flexible on the charges.

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Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerAuthor Commented:
@firemanf29, thanks for the suggestions. I've heard mixed things about Level Platforms. How's the support and ease of use? Is the software itself buggy at all?

Comparing Kaseya to Level Platforms, what are the features you like that Kaseya has over Level Platforms?

@funnymanmike I took a look at the link you provided and none of them do what I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestions though.
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Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerAuthor Commented:
Bump - firemanf29, are you around? I'm gonna close the question soon but I wanted to give you an opportunity to reply if you can.
Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links. I was hoping you could have told me your exp. with the products you recommended but I know things can get real busy.
Sorry we've been real busy with auditors.  We use Level Platforms Managed Workplace and Servers Alive.  Servers Alive works great for monitoring systems and services and it was our first monitoring software.  Level Platforms MW does have some bugs or "undocumented features" but it is good software.  We use it for monitoring contract customers because it provides easy built in event log monitoring alongs with numerous other features.  The bugs we've found is with the patch management piece.  It's not very flexible when you're using it for dozens of compaines.  For use some of our clients are running nothing but XP and others are totally Vista.  Some have 64bit clients and others do not.  The patch management piece does not allow us to configure different approvals for each company.  We could of course install it at each company but some of these companies only have 1 server which is already extremely busy.  As far support I'd say they're relatively good.  I'n not a very patient person when I call support as I expect them to be experts in their software and so far LP has resolved every question or concern I've had.  

In my personal opinion Kaseya well sucks.  The features are real nice but recently we've seen the client crash out on systems.  It was the first time I've called their support and I was not impressed.  Sounded like they work from a script.  I had already uninstalled the client, rebooted, cleaned up any remaining directories and reinstalled the client.  They wanted me to do it all again.  So I did with no change it was still crashing.  Then they started blaming my AV solution.  We'll I told them it was happening on different systems with Symantec, Trend and Sophos.  Then the rep wanted me to start removing the latest Microsoft patches.  Then I asked for a different tech and guess what... He wanted me to go through the uninstall again.  Overall I spent almost 8 hours on the phone and decided to switch the client to LP MW.  
More on Servers Alive....  The software does really good a monitoring systems for ping, services, porcesses, disk space, etc...   The interface does need some work.  It has a few bugs but works well if you remember to save often when you're making changes.   Part of the issue I think is the interface is tighly connected to the actual service performing the task.
I would steer anyone away from level Platforms.   Patch Management takes a lot of work and is totally unreliable.  They tell you that running Windows Update from the PC will show patches you don't need; so simply don't go there.  MSBSA shows vulnerabilities, but LP says that it pulls data differently than if you ran it manually yourself.

Plus LP sucks you into an annual agreement.  Why?  because if you get fed up, they've already got your money.  

There are some good features to LPI, but the patch management piece is so buggy and LPI likes to pint fingers at "your network" rather than to resolve problems.  Nutshell is if you want relaible patch management, find a vendor that takes responsibility for the whole patch management process.
I wanted to give everyone an update on this.  First off the new version of Kaseya actually does seem to fix a majority fo the problems we experienced.  We've tested patch management and software distribution and it works very well.  The monitoring always worked fine for us.  So I have to changed my opinion from It Sucks to it's good software.  Trust me that does not happen often.  

Unfortunately over a year later and Level Platforms still has not properly addressed it's patch management shortfalls.  It's still buggy, requires too much time, does not handle multiple forests or domains well and our latest call to Tech Support was a waste of time.  Our Sale Rep kept saying last year that it's fixed in the next version.  Well we have the "next version and their idea of fixed in not ours.  In any case as the previous post mentions our LP contract ended this week and we're not renewing it.  All our mid to large contract clients are now on Kaseya with the smaller ones on Servers Alive.
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