Planning a network with future subnets: user Server 2003 or Firebox X500 as DHCP server?

Our company is consolidating two office into one, and I am planning a network for the new building to include possible future implementation of VLANs. Our switches will be a series of Dell Powerconnect 3448 managed switches with fiber uplinks.

The question is when planning our network and any future subnets, would it be better to continue to use Windows Server 2003 as our DHCP server for all of the subnets, or start using our Watchguard Firebox x500 (currently with version 7.3, but we will be upgrading it to the latest version) and branch off the subnets from there?

Keep in mind users on all the subnets will still need access to shared resources on the servers. This may mean we will use a router-on-a-stick configuration when the X500 is updated.
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kdearingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your PCs are on a Windows Active Directory domain, then DHCP and DNS need to be handled by your server. Expecially DNS, it is critical to Active Directory.

Note that ALL DEVICES on the network must be configured to use only the server for DNS. This includes the server itself.
The IP addresses of your ISP's DNS should be configured on the server in the DNS forwarders only.
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