Regular expression to check that a specific email domain is being used.

Our organization has more than one email domain. On an internal web app, I want employees to register/update ONLY with a particular domain...

What would a regex look like that says they can put any username, but the domain MUST be
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[a-zA-Z0-9]+[@][dallasray]\.com$            forgot $ for end of line make sure it ends after com
seems a job for string functions in the programming language you are using, but if it needs to be regex:

Set case-insensitivity in the regex object.

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the regular expression i supplied said username must have at least one character that is a capital letter, number, or lowercase letter, but can have many more....if you have a limit then you can set that also...but you didn't supply one yet...

so here are some addresses that would work:

if you want to be all alphabets, remove 0-9  which means all numbers between 0-9

if you want it to start with a letter   then


oops and remove brackets from around dallasray in all my examples...that was a typo..


.* would allow the user to have a username like ?++--;;;'''???@#??#?@?  which would be hard to store in a database...

that's why you would use [a-zA-Z0-9]...etc...
smet, did you read my last will get bad usernames if you use .*...anyway, to each there own....

good luck...obviously, you're still free to use my examples though you awarded points to ddrudik...

smetterd, thanks for the question and the points.
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Regular Expressions

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