can access welcome page but not owa on sbs 2003

We replaced our sbs 2000 server with sbs 2003. We changed all firewall settings from the old server to the new server, so I don't believe it is due to a port being blocked, but not positive. OWA works fine while inside the network, but is not accessible outside the network. If we are outside the network and just type in it WILL bring up the welcome screen, but if you click "remote workplace" you get "internet explorer cannot display", which is the same thing you get when you type in
It did not work at all until I changed directory security on the default web page. After that we can get to the welcome screen. Is there some other permissions I need to adjust?
New install SBS 2003 R2 server
ipcop firewall
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ilguybobConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found out that I had to create a rule in the firewall for port 443 to the new server. I'm not sure why it worked on the old server, there was no rule for 443 before.
Did you set the Default Website Directory to use "Windows Integrated Authentication"...?
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