Set up DNS, DHCP, Router, and Active Directory to UVerse Home Network

I am setting up a server for my house using Server 2008 Standard on a barebones system for fun. I added a PCI NIC card so I have 2 ethernet ports (Including the one on the Motherboard). Here is what I have: 1) I am using the Uverse Gateway as my modem with wireless turned off. 2) I connected the Uverse Gateway (IP is to one port and it has assigned my server as the dmz server giving it a public IP like "" with "" acting as it gateway and dhcp server. My question is how do I now connect the server to the Netgear WNR834Bv2 router using the other port? What IPs do I use, subnet mask, gateway, etc? I would like my server to be the dhcp and dns controller for the network that is attached to it, but I do not know how to configure everything. I also have 2 other routers that are the exact same as the first one that I will use as repeaters, so I will need to IP addresses for them as well.
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kdearingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If not already done, set your router WAN interface to DHCP (acquire automatically).

Once your connection is established, you should be able to look at your router status page to see your public IP, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS servers; write this info down.

Configure router to disable DHCP
Enable DHCP on server and authorize
Create a new scope with the following info:
    Range -
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway
Configure server NIC DNS setting for itself (
Configure server DNS Forwarders for DNS recorded from the status page of router

You'll have to do a "iconfig /release" & "ipconfig /renew" on all PCs (or reboot) for the new DHCP settings to take effect.
Your server needs to be behind your router.

The best solutions:
1. Right now the Uverse gateway is acting like a router. Put it in 'bridge' mode. This will turn it into a dumb modem.
2. Connect your router WAN port to the Uverse gateway. It should acquire a public IP address.
3. Connect your server and everything else to the LAN ports of your router.
rudodooAuthor Commented:
Ok, I put Server behind the router which are both behind the Uverse modem. My router now has an internal IP of and my server is The default gateway to the Uverse modem is Now what does my Router need to be set to in order to make the server an active directory dns server? And what does the server need to be set to in order to resolve requests to it?
rudodooAuthor Commented:
AWESOME!!!!! It worked very well!
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