I want to setup server to have 2 different 2003 installations

I have a new server installed with 2003.  mY issue is i need to use both BackupExec 12 and Netbackup 6.5 on the same server.  I have tried to install the apps on one installation and sooner or later it always breaks.  Since i am not restoring or backing up from both apps at the same time i would like to setup two 2003 installs.  
One install i would have Netbakcup 6.5 installed
the second install i would have BE 12 installed.

At the bootup prompt i would like to edit the boot.ini files to describe which is which.

I have the server installed with 2003 now and it is running NetBackup 6.5 successfully.  How do i start the second install of 2003 without messing up what i have?  Do i boot from cd and install in a seperate location on the same partition or do i need a seperate partition all together?
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EfrenMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you will need seperate partitions  split the hdd in 2 min i would say 20gb for os
YankeeFan03Author Commented:
ok thanks.  just checking.  i actually used 2008 for the second OS.  
It automatically created and changed the bootup file to address a duel boot machine.  took awhile to find out how to change the boot up file since 2008 does not use a boot.ini file anymore but it works great.

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