I'm using Access 2003 and linked tables to SQL server 2005.
My question is, when I use the linked table manager and then ODBC to SQL server and link the table I want the WSID is the machine I am currently on. Does it affect others uisng their machines to access the data or should the WSID be the same for everyone?
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Jim P.Commented:
Sorry, I meant Options.

The other thing to note, is if you change the Application Name, that also carries through to the SQL Activity Monitor.
Jim P.Commented:
It has no effect on anything, except when you view the data in the activity monitor or using sp_who command.

I usually make a point to hit the advanced and just clear it so that it doesn't fool you.
HenryV1955Author Commented:
Hi jimpen
thanks for your comment.
question.......you mentioned 'hit the advanced'   advanced in where?

Jim P.Commented:
Can I ask why a B grade?

May all your days get brighter and brighter.
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