How do I set up Incremental Backups on SBS 2003 properly, when they are getting too large

Hi and thanks in advance for the help.

We are running Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Standard at our office.  Currently I have a backup operation that isn't acting properly.  I am using the built in ntbackup program.  It is set up to go out to my boss's computer and backup his My Documents folder incrementally.  The folder is about 80 GB's in size but the backup is now nearly 300 GB's.  I am wondering if I set the attribute to not append the data and to replace it if that would work.  Or, if that would wipe out the original?  Basically I only want changes to the folder to be backed up after the initial full backup.  That is what I thought it was doing until I went in and checked the size and saw this.  It is appending every change on top of one another.  So if anyone could tell me what I need to do for sure so I set this up properly it would be nice.  Thanks


Just added a picture of what I've found.  It seems that the backup created 7 normal backups and then went to incremental backups.  Now I think I may have initially had it backing up normal at the start 1 time a week then changed it to incremental.  If I start a new backup job in a new name do you think it will fix this problem?
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I'm assuming that this is going to a .bkf on a storage volume and not to tape? Starting your new backup job under a a new name will hopefully ensure that you can get back to it if necessary.  Incremental Backups do only backup the changes that have occurred since the last Normal Backup by definition.  Appending incremental backups to each other can cause indefinite growth. If you are going to tape I have found that this works well...perform a Normal Backup Weekly and then Incremental on the other days.  i.e. Normal on Friday and Incremental Saturday -  Thursday.  Setting the Normal Backup to Overwrite and the Incrementals to Append.

If you are going to file storage I have found that if backup time is not an issue for you, only storage size.  It's just as easy to do a normal backup nightly with overwrite.  This ensures that you'll only ever need one .bkf file to restore from and you won't have to deal with append issues.  I have further found using xxcopy or robocopy(free) does well in the scenario you have described as well.  The purge options with these .exe's that can be batched come in handy as well.  Allowing you to recover a file that has accidentally been deleted very quickly.

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I would rather say go to these MS websites to configure them right way:

kadafitcdAuthor Commented:
I seem to have answered my own question when I found that I had 7 normal backups.  But I will give you guys points for the help you provided.  Thanks.
Thanks...Hope all goes well!
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