how to read the order of attached filter drivers from a base driver?

I need to enumerate the attached drivers of tcpip, on the tcp device,
I need to read their order of attachment
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Kelvin_KingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first, your filter driver must be on the same TCP device stack. It would be an upper filter.

Once your driver is attached to the stack, it can then enumerate all the lower level driver by sending an IRP_MJ_DEVICE_QUERY

This might give you a place to start:

I have to be honest, Experts Exchange is not the best place to be asking about device driver and kernel mode development.

You'll get more help by posting in the OSR forums:

Hope that helps
- Kelvin
Are you doing this from a driver or form user mode?
romanmAuthor Commented:
How can I do it from a driver?
romanmAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I figured that much.
I was actually trying to enumerate the filter drivers from a user application, just like OSR's DeviceTree, but I figured they actually attach a driver to each stack, and doing the enum in the driver itself.
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