error using find access 2007

A app developed in 2003 works ok in 2007 accept for following (which I was able to produce on entirely different app)

If you open a form for editing -then open the built in find replace dialog (either with ctrl H or thru a menu ) then change a field  then use the dialog to find a different record  an error is generated
Run-time error -2147352567 (800200009)
Update or CancelUpdate without addnew or Edit

I have found some info on this with quirks in 2007 as far as filters and searches that reference this error but nothing on the find dialog being open

BTW  I added a menu to explicitly save the record (calling a docmd.runcommand accmdsaverecord ) and if user saves the record this way firast then they can use the find with no problem  this did not act this way in 2003

So  in summation  to duplicate error
1.      Open a form that can be edited
2.       Open find replace dialog (ctrl H) and go to another record
3.      Leave the find replace open
4.      Edit something on found record on form
5.       Do not save record by moving off record or any other way
6.       Click back on find dialog and search for another (existing) record
The error appears
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I'd say this is likely a bug in 2007, especially since it's repeatable (note: I haven't tried it, as I try to stay as far from 2007 as possible). It would seem to me that the Find dialog would function regardless of whether you've edited a record or not (and, as you say, this was the case in earlier versions).

The obvious answer is to not use the builtin Find methods, but that's not feasible for most people.

Unless you get another solution to this, I'd say contact MS with this report, including explicit details as to how to repeat this problem.
bczingoAuthor Commented:
Thanks - u r probably right (about bug)- I'm a consultant  for a state DOT - We upgraded across the board to 2007 and I have the joy to help maintain 500+ access legacy apps. Was able to make most behave like 2003 with command bars and no ribbons but have come across a few bugs like this that seem somewhat insurmountable. I havent much faith in MS support for Access since being told by them they didnt realize command bars didnt work any more! Lol! My theory is all the original architects of Office are long gone  Ca$hed in! GBT!

Anyway  Gonna keep ? open for a few days to see if any othe experts have thoughts
Thanks again
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Even before this, many people, did not reccommend using the Replace Utility to change values in your tables.
This utility ignores Referential Integrity, and can result in scrambled data.
(It also cannot work on conditions)

If you want to change/Edit/Update values in your tables, create an interface that uses an Update query.

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bczingoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for comment Jeff 
Actually the users dont use the replace - they actually click on form behind the find dialog and (the find of course looses focus but stays on top) update a bound control - then click back on find to move to a new record with a new find- Yes - they should just close the find but they have 5+ years of doing it this way with previous versions-
The reason I said find/replace is that the existing toolbar menu item which they use to begin calls find/replace-
It is interesting that calling the find dialog actually triggers a before update on a dirty form (didnt think it should and thought I was on to something  however in tests in 2003 it also does this)

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

OK, so if this is in fact a "Bug" in 2007, then there is really no way around it.

So your options are:
1. Wait and hope that MS fixes this in an update.
2. Live with it.
3. Build you own form.
4. Only use Access 2003.

bczingoAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jeff
gonna wait a little longer until someone at least trys this
got another titled "FTP in Access 2007 no longer works"-if you could look at that Jef I would certainly appreciate it
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Actually, your question was answered - this is almost certainly a bug. We can't really help this - we didn't write the code for Access 2007, after all - and thus your question was answered, and points should be awarded. You were also given a possible workaround - build your own F&R utility.

In that respect, I'd object to this closure, but I'll not formally object to it yet.

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