Some user directories don't relfect user name but are labeled as "documents" instead.

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I was not really sure how best to search for this, so I decided to post a screen shot. I had a few users that were having difficulties logging into their windows active directory accounts. When reviewing their user directories, I discovered several user directories that were not named correctly. Instead of having the users name, they were simply named "Documents". I had several of them listed this way. When I opened each root folder, it apeared to contain all of the correct folders and files. When I had a "Document" folder highlighted, the path statement, in the address bar, reflected the actual users name.
 Any thoughts?
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Yep...Vista! The thread does shed some light on my issue, however I don't understand why most of my Vista users, that are logged into the network, their user directories reflect the correct user name. I'm trying to find what causes this with only a handful of users. Everyone is logging in with the same GPs.

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