Crystal Reports 2008 not working in Visual Studio 2008 on 64Bit machine

I have a 2008 MS Datacenter server with Visual Studio 2008 and Crystal Reports 2008.

When I "Add" a Crystal Reports to the Visual Studio solution, nothing works.  The "Document" is blank (Grey) and the Document Outline is also blank.  No amount of clicking, dragging or otherwise has any effect.

This is also true of reports created using the  Crystal Reports 2008 software that is added to the solution.  Same with reports created on VS 2005 that are upgraded.

In essence, it ain't working.

Any ideas?
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you installed any service packs?

Is this the stand-alone Crystal or the one in VS2008?

genehayesAuthor Commented:
Service Packs seemed to be the right answer...

This was a VS2008 with the Crystal Reports 2008 upgrade added to it.  I was having a problem getting Crystal to work in VS2008.

I had to install Crystal 2008 Service Pack 1, but ran into problems at first.  Kept telling me my .msi file (I had pointed it to CD at first) was invalid.

Even though I already had SP0 (through the Crystal Auto Update), I had to manually download and "Repair" the SP0 first.

Once I did this, I was able to run and upgrade to Crystal 2008 SP1.

This did the trick and the Crystal report builder in VS2008 now works.  Giving mlmcc the points because he was on the right track with the service packs.

Found files at:

genehayesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for sending me on the right track!
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