More than 255 IP addresses

We are currently connecting two offices together physically with a fiber connection.

The current setup is SBS 2003 and STD 2003, about 25 people are on SBS domain, the other 115 are on a separate network not connected to SBS 2003.  The STD 2003 server is just hanging out.  

SBS ALSO has Exchange running on it.  We got the transition pack. We would like to separate AD and EXCH on the two different servers.  How can we do this so that there is no down time?

Also, with all these users, each user has an IP for computer and one for VoIP Phone.  We also have a few users on laptops and some printers.  We will be over, if not, close to the 254 IP limit.  I don't know how to configure the Linksys RV082 to handle that many IP addresses.  

Please advise.
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Move DHCP to the server and change your subnet to a B rather than a C subnet, since your router probably can not provide more than 255 addresses.

2) Look into a Swing migration, see

3) If at all possible move your DC to a second server, since it is not recommended to run Exchange on a DC

You can join the second server to the SBS domain, upgrade ( transision ) SBS to a full 2003, and then transfer the FMSO roles to the new DC.

I hope this helps !

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