Receiving synchronization errors in Offline folders

We have a user that keeps getting synchronization issues. They are getting an error saying "Unable to make 'filename.whatever' available offline on \\servername\Home Folders\username\My Documents\foldername\subfoldername. Incorrect Function"

This is happening frequently, we are forced to cut and paste, sync folder, rename, copy and paste back into folder, re-sync
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Usually this has to do with either permissions on the files or the file is open on another PC.  

Go to the physical share\file and ensure that the permissions are set on the file for that user under the security tab.  You will probably have to take ownership of the file as the administrator or domain administrator, reset the permissions, go back in and setup authorized users of the file.

After this is complete then copy and delete another file (that is setup correctly and doesn't give errors on the sync)

You may have to completely reset the permissions for that user's folder.  Just make sure the domain admin is in there so you can check the permissions after complete.  Also ensure that the user has full control rights to their folder.

Hope this helps.
ellitechAuthor Commented:
This is not a permissions issue, it does however seem to be tied the 'RECYCLER' folder however. If the folder is deleted or if the 'Recycle Bin' has been emptied, the sync issues seem to go away. However, if the Recycle Bin has mutiple files, etc in it, there seems to be an issue with sychronization.

When the user renames a file, it isn't available offline anymore, he tries to re-sync the Home Folder but is getting errors. He has to cut and paste the renamed file out. Re-sync the Home Folder, re-name the file, copy back into the Home Folder and re-sync again...this seems very strange.

Any ideas?

Be sure to make a backup of his dir before doing this.

Log him out and delete his Home dir under the redirect

Clear his cache by going to tools, folder options, click the offline files tab and then hold down ctrl + shift and click on the Delete Files button.  This will clear out his sync options.

reboot and log him in.  Hopefully the redirect works and recreates the folder under the redirect.  I am not sure how you have your redir policy so you may have to fiddle with it before is is complete back up with the GPO.  You may have to reboot a few times to apply the users settings.

Good luck

Acronis True Image 2019 just released!

Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

after backup, rename it to whatever.backup
ellitechAuthor Commented:
I will delete his home directory today to see if that wilkl fix the issue and update this as soon as I know...


Good deal.  Be sure to perform the other steps.
ellitechAuthor Commented:
So far so good...I will have to wait a few days to see if this rectifies the issue that the user was having. As soon as I have an update from the user I will update this case. Thanks for your help 'MightySW' as it is greatly appreciated...

I will keep monitoring this thread.

ellitechAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I will be sure to update this thread ASAP...thank-you for your patience...

ellitechAuthor Commented:

The user recieved sync errors again today, RECYCLER errors as well as a 'Incorrect Function' error. I am starting to believe that the RECYCLER is causing issues as we emptied out the Recycle Bin on Monday, the RECYCLER error went away. Today, we went into the Recycle Bin and it appeared that everything that had been emtied out was back again...any ideas as to how this happened?

The file that gave the 'Incorrect Function' was in a sub-folder that resides in his 'Home Directory' I had the user cut and paste the excel file to his desktop, re-sync the problems. Then we cut and paste the excel file back into the same folder and re-sync problems..

Why is this happening and why does the process of cutting/pasting and re-syncing resolve the issue at least temporarily?

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated...we are becoming extremely frustrated as I am unable to resolve this...

Were you able to reinitialize the cache as stated in here:
Also, what is the user running for a firewall?  If they have one try to disable it or turn of the XP firewall.
ellitechAuthor Commented:
I found a hotfix from one of the blogs that I was reading...

KB Article Number(s): 944898
Language: English
Platform: i386
Location: (
----After I installed the hotfix and did the required reboot, I ran several tests against it to see if I could cause it to get any more sync errors. I did not see any sync errors, when the user comes in this morning I will be doing a follow-up to see if they encountered any issues...

Good news.  I can't believe that MS spells it out exactly how you said.

Be sure to check the file versions that you have on that machine.

File name      File version      File size      Date      Time      Platform      SP requirement
Cscdll.dll      5.1.2600.3357      101,888      23-Apr-2008      14:51      x86      SP2
Mrxsmb.sys      5.1.2600.3357      455,040      23-Apr-2008      09:57      x86      SP2
Windows XP with SP3, x86-based versions
Collapse this tableExpand this table
File name      File version      File size      Date      Time      Platform      SP requirement
Cscdll.dll      5.1.2600.5586      101,888      23-Apr-2008      14:28      x86      SP3
Mrxsmb.sys      5.1.2600.5586      455,040      23-Apr-2008      11:43      x86      SP3

Again, they say to initialize cache after the hotfix.  I really hope it works as I have saved the hotfix in case I see the same problem, however I think that this is another issue.

If this doesn't work then backup his desktop, favorites, startmenu, etc and delete his profile and then have him login again to create a fresh sync with the server.  

I must say that this is nothing new.  We get sync errors all of the time and we just click ok as MS offline file replication is a joke at best.  I really don't like the way that they do it.  

Anyway, I really hope that you put this one to bed with this HF.

Let me know.

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ellitechAuthor Commented:
Thanks MightSW, I appreciate all of the due diligence that you put into this post, people like me depend on people like is greatly appreciated.


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