Iexplore Locks up after Opening Tried everything i know of

one day Iexplore would not open it would just hang there couldnt close it had to end the iexplore.exe

Steps ive done
Reinstalled it
Uninstalled it back to IE6.0 (Nothing)
have it at about:blank and it opens all i can do is file edit view
i put in a site and nothing just locks up and i have to end the process
ive ran hijack this nothing
ive ran my only Tool for virues trendmicro
ive ran IEfix.exe from a source that said it would fix it
Ive reinstalled it to ie 7 then IE 8 Beta (nothing) FROM MICROSOFT downloads
i took it back to ie 7
Reset all web settings
removed all addons (started it in safe mode)
Firefox works fine
need it for my job since some of our systems we need to get into needs IE (sucks i know)

IM at a lost in my noggin any suggestions
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Hello johnritzer,

5. If no joy, run the System File Checker to repair any broken system files.  Go to Start > Run and type sfc /scannow
and hit OK.  You will need your Windows XP CD when asked.

6. Create a new user account in Windows.

7. If no joy, repair or reinstall Internet Explorer, which is to reinstall Windows XP SP2.

Hope this helps!
johnritzerAuthor Commented:
haha i saw your post eariler today somewhere else on a Outlook issue i had to fix it was to outcmd.bat it thats funny :)
I forgot to mention i have SP3
Running the File checker :)
johnritzer--Run System Restore to a date before the problem started.
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johnritzerAuthor Commented:
Update If i do a start _ run then iexplore loads up quick but if i use the address bar im noticing that it just sticks there then times out ?
Weird eh
johnritzerAuthor Commented:
im in a AD envirorment ? if that helps at all  
It could be some malware/spyware.
Download SAV32CLI a command line based antivirus from . run this file to extract the contents into a SAV32CLI folder .
Restart the computer in Safe Mode with command prompt.
Access this folder at the command prompt
Then type:
to disinfect the virus.
I had faced a similiar issue and it helped me resolve the problem. Good luck

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johnritzerAuthor Commented:
Hmmm same issue it works fine when in safe mode...
also when i have iexplore open Only 1 window theres 2 processes open ones to explorer.exe and the other one is to iexplore..
THanks again
johnritzerAuthor Commented:
the only way for me to finally resolve it was to blow out my current windows and reload to a new one .... sad huh that was very bad one though
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