Entourage 2008 not receiving any emails.


I have a Entourage 2008 client that connects to an Exchange 2003 server and now has stopped receiving emails. if I look at the user account thru Outlook Web Access I notice that all email are there but for some reason Entourage can't sync properly. I am able to do a send and receive but it comes back with nothing not even an error. What should I troubleshoot for next?

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I have had similar problems with syncing to Entourage. Rebooting the Exchange server fixed the problem for awhile, but the problem is back again and I'd like to track down the source of the problem so I don't have to reboot Exchange every other month.

Entourage connects and syncs with Exchange and I can send email out, but the Inbox does not (or its not complete). Outlook Web Access shows everything just fine.

The problem appears to be an Exchange issue or an account issue, since its a repeatable problem on several machines with that account (all running leopard). We have another user running Entourage 2004 w/ Tiger who has no problems.  

Any ideas on how to diagnose this?
l've had the same issue with a few of our users

Entourage 2008 using Exchange 2007

l found that the identity was corrupt when this happened, a few times a standard rebuild fixed the issue, on other occasions l had to recreate the identity, it should then pull all messages down to entourage

Hope this helps
This worked for me:

      Solution:  Empty the cache in Entourage so that Entourage can download all of the items from your Microsoft Exchange account again.

The following procedure deletes any information in the folder that is not synchronized with the Microsoft Exchange server, including your contacts' mail certificates, categories, links between items, and Project Center information. Before emptying the cache, you may want to create an Entourage archive. For more information, see Export or back up information.

Make sure that your computer is connected to the Microsoft Exchange server.

In the folder list, CONTROL + click the Microsoft Exchange address book, calendar, or mail folder for which you want to empty the cache, and then click Folder Properties.

On the General tab, under Empty Cache, click Empty.

After the folder is empty, Entourage automatically downloads the items from the Microsoft Exchange server.
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