Exchange 2003 Backend servers not replicating Public Folder

I currently have the following exchange environment:

1 x Exchange 2003 Standard Server with SP2 Server Running as a Front End server.
2 x  Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server with SP2 running as Backend Servers
All servers are Running Windows 2003 R2.

I am currently in the process of decommissioning my original Backend Exchange 2003 and have begun the process of transferring mailboxes and replicating Public folders etc. to a newly commissioned Exchange 2003 and mail flow etc. is working as expected. My issue surrounds the replication of Public folder data between my backend servers.

When I try to replicate Public folder data from the Original Exchange 2003 server to the newly commissioned box replication is not occuring and I receive some msexchangetransport errors in the Event viewer, these namely being 7004 and 7010. Conversely when I created a test Public folder on the new exchange server and set up a replica on the old it was successfully replicated.

After trawling through a heap of KB articles and various newsgroups I have implemented the following to try to resolve:
1. Implemented Diagnostic Logging. I cannot see any Outgoing replication messages being logged on the server.
2. Used Message tracker to track messages being sent between Public Folder stores. The replication data seems to get stuck in the local queue awaiting delivery.
3. I used ADISEDIT.msc to look at the SMTP  security on both servers. The Domain Exchange  computers group is listed in the ACL on both Exchange SMTP virtual servers with the Send As permission selected for this group. To further troubleshoot I manually added the sending Exchange server to the ACL on each of the server SMTP instances. I also ensured that the Exchange servers were not in any Group that might have the Deny Send permission set.

After doing all this my Public Folders still will not replicate. Am I missing something really simple here as I am really going around in circles with this one, any help would be gratefully accepted.
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Malli BoppeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you try to force the replication betweeen public folders.
murphygeAuthor Commented:
Thank you  - apologies for the delay in closing the question.
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