Get E-mail info with Outlook GUID (Redemption, CDO?)

Hello all.

I'm using Outlook and Access 2003. I have an Exchange folder called eCounts that receives e-mail from a particular sender called  

I would like to import or link to the following data within Access:

Normalized Subject
Outlook GUID (as table's Primary Key)

I'd prefer to link to live data though if possible.

Once that data is in Access, then I can normalize the subject line and compare it with a Calendar database field.  Then, I'd like to write back to the Normalized Subject with the phrase "123PROCESSED321".

So I've looked into the Outlook GUID and apparently, I am unable to obtain it within VBA unless I'm on Outlook 2007 or use CDO, Extended MAPI, or Redemption references.

I've spent the majority of the day searching for example code to do so with little success and I'm lost.  

If anyone could provide me with an example code or wouldn't mind helping me grasp these other references, I'd really appreciate it.  

Thank you for your time and expertise!
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David LeeCommented:
Hi, Sahmara.

I'm not clear on what object property you are talking about when you say "Outlook GUID".  I'm confused because Outlook items don't have a GUID.  The closest they have to that is the EntryID property which is not globally unique.  It is only unique to the message store the item is in.  If that is the field you mean, then EntryID is available without the need to use any of the items you listed.  Simply retrieve object.EntryID.

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