How do I repair corrupted Vista domain profile

Was installing a new HP usb printer on Vista with current patches. The Vista is on a small business Server 2003 domain. The printer installation seemed to hang - just disapeared. Logged off and logged on as Administrator. Printer still would not install. Now when I log on as the primary user, Vista hangs at the welcome screen.

If I log on as domain admin or or any other user, it boots normally.

I tries a Sysrtem Restore and a Startup Reapir - no help.  The problem is limited to this user whioh makes me think it's the profile. There are no printer drivers showing to uninstall.

Any ideas?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you can't just delete a domain account, I am giving you different instructions.
First: Backup the old account (c:\users\username)
Then, logon as admin, rightclick "computer", select properties, advanced system settings, advanced tab, user profiles, select that profile and delete it.
Afterwards, login again as that broken user and restore files from backup (except ntuser.dat, Ntuser.dat.log and Ntuser.ini ), if needed.
Did you install service pack 1?  HP had a lot of issues with the printer software pre SP1
akus1Author Commented:
I was not actually able to try what you suggested as I was under the gun but I think you offered exactly what i was looking for. I ended up re-installing the OS and adding to the domain again before I saw your suggestion here. All because the HP auto-run software errored off. Weirdest thing.
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