How do I set up ths server?

So Im trying to install windows server 2003 on a brand new hp proliant ml 150 server.   It has 3 700 gb hard drives in it.  When i boot off the windows 2003 server cd and go to install it the windows installations screen tells me it does not see any hard drives.  The server came with a diagnostics cd.  I popped that in and ran a test on the hard drives and it said things were 100% ok.   any ideas?  There is no installation software that came with the server except for the diagnostics cd.  
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Do you have to create a configuration in your raid controller first?
Perhaps you have to install a 3rd party drive for windows?
The server should have come with a CD labeled HP SmartStart. Boot off of that CD, and it will walk you though the install in the 'Deploy Server' section.  You can set the RAID up using SmartStart as well, before you roll out Windows.
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Most servers come with a diagnostics or system management cd that you boot from .  This will setup any RAID configurations and prompt you to assist with the OS install.  Can you boot from the CD it came with ?


I know from personal experience that HP DL, DL, and ML servers are set up with SmartStart CD that come with the systems.  RAID can be set up in-firmware, or with the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) that is on the SmartStart CD.
you need to find out what kind of raid controller is on the server and download the driver onto a floppy and when your loading server 2003 hit f6 right at the blue screen to load the raid drivers for the hard drives. usb floppy's may work properly if none around the bios should have a way to emulate hdd's or flash drive if they are in fat file system. if that all fails you can use winlite to make a new image with the raid drivers pre loaded in the os cd

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The SmartStart CD takes care of all that.
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
There was no smart start cd shipped with the server.  And it looks to me that hp smartstart does not even support this server.

" SmartStart provides step-by-step ProLiant server deployment assistance. From array configuration and operating system installation to the update of optimized ProLiant server support software, SmartStart ensures a stable and reliable configuration. Included in the ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack, SmartStart works with all ProLiant ML and DL 300, 500, and 700 series and BladeSystem (BL) servers. "
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
I have two new proliant 150 servers and neither have a smart start cd
you should be able to find the drivers for the raid on their website and try the above mentioned
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
I think i found the right driver.  can you take a look at this list and see if the driver you are talking about it there.
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
I would much rather use the smart start cd.  I have one here.  but it does not work with the proliant 150   just 300+
What generation of system is it?  (For example, is it an ML150 G5, ML150G3, or just plain ML150?)
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
its the ml 150 g5
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Smartstart does not support 100 series, whatever generation they are. They're Proliants in name only.
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
Ok so Included the       

HP ProLiant Smart Array SAS/SATA Controller Driver for Windows Server 2003

during the windows set up by hitting f6  and having the driver in my floppy.   But after the driver is loaded and I go to start the install it tells m it cant locate the hard drives again.  
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
So i tried this driver

HP 4/8 Internal Port SAS HBA with RAID and SCxxGe series HBA Driver for Windows Server 2003

and now it seems to be installing.  
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Probably doesn't have a Smart Array controler in it. These are the options - Embedded 4 port SATA Controller (for HP SATA models)
LSI SATA/SAS SC40Ge PCI Express to 4-Port Controller
Smart Array E200 SATA/SAS Controller
Optional HP SC44Ge SATA/SAS PCI-E Host Bus Adapter *might* be the right driver.

Actually I think is the right driver - it isn't even listed on the ML150 G5 software page on the web.
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
I used the driver mentioned above.  Do you think it will cause any problems?

HP 4/8 Internal Port SAS HBA with RAID and SCxxGe series HBA Driver for Windows Server 2003
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Probably it is the same driver, the embedded chip is LSI.
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
probably?   are you saying it will probably cause problems?
flashactionsAuthor Commented:
do you know what licensing option i should use.  

per server.  Number of concurrent connections


per device or per user.  
Your licensing is really up to you; it depends on whether the clients that will be accessing the server have CALs or not.  

With Per Server, the licenses are stored and managed by the server, which will keep track of how many connections are active.  With Per User, each connecting user or device must bring with it a CAL (client access license) in order to access the server.

As to the more relevant question, it sounds like you have selected the correct driver.  You will probably need to also download the other drivers for your machine from HP's site as well.  It's unfortunate that your particular model doesn't seem to be supported by SmartStart.
I was having the same problem with the same ML150 G5 Server. The SmartStart CD DOES NOT work with this series as mentioned previously already.

I got round it by using a USB floppy drive and the following drivers for the LSI SAS1064E card:
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