Deferred: Connection timed out sendmail

I have set up a Redhat Enterprise 5.2 server which hosts a number of websites that require the ability to send emails. I have sendmail installed from the redhat CD's I have altered the file via the file so that the server listens on (local NIC IP address)
NOTE: this server has no need to send emails to external domains, it simply needs to forward all emails to my mail gateway which is on the same network ( I have added to the etc/hosts file as well as defining it as the smarthost in
I can telnet to the servers IP address on port 25 and it accepts email. However when issueing the sendmail -bp all emails are stuck in the queue with the following message
(Deferred: Connection timed out with this is not a firewall issue as no firewall is in the way (Switched of in Redhat) also I am able to ping and can telnet from the redhat box to spamtitan on port 25 and send emails sucessfully.

I am now stumped so any help greatfully recieved
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Does your spamtitan box have strict requirements for connecting (like valid reverse dns and all that)? Does your redhat box comply with all the requirements?

Try commenting out the smarthost line in and see if this server can deliver to external domains, or if you get the same problem.

Post your file so we can see how you have it setup.
GeyybeccaAuthor Commented:
Thanks I actually worked this out for myself - turned out to be DNS related in as much as the redhat box had an external DNS server specified. Even though I had added spamtitan to the hosts file SENDMAIL was still doing a DNS look-up and reverse look up when it performed the reverse lookup on it bombed. I have now pointed it to an internal DNS server which has the required records for spamtitan within DNS and now mail flows freely.

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