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Hello - I'd like to configure a fax server on Server 2003 Std Edition to help our users to send faxes from their PC (Word, Excel, Adobe, Outlook) to other offices inside/outside our network effectively.

I'd like to stay away from other softwares and just utilize the 2K3 basic fax features.

From a PC I'm able to see shared Fax under printers & faxes, but can not successfully fax from users PC to any fax number. I think I'm doing something wrong or have not completed the configuration settings.
I can send to a local fax successfully and from the local fax to fax server.

I'd like to know if I can set up the fax server so that whenever a user sends a fax to our current published fax number (not modem line on fax server) it be forwarded to the incoming method I have setup on the Fax server?
Option 1: Specific destination folder
Option 2: E-mail
Option 3: Printer

Does anyone have a good setup guide on Incoming/outgoing routes, devices and custom cover pages?
ecific fax machine

I appreciate all your help.
Jaime CamposAsked:
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mike2747Connect With a Mentor Commented:

On your 2003 server, inside Printers and Faxes, do you see your fax machine? You should, and if not you need to have this done first. When you see it as a device on the server, you'll share it just like you would a printer and map it at the workstations.

I have set up a few networks with network fax and they love it, when it works!

I used US Robotics external modem into 2003 server (you can use internal too). Plug phone cables into appropriate jacks on modem, and configure fax services using this guide - http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-10878_11-5148992.html

You do not need Exchange for this. Good Luck!
It's been a couple years since I went through all of this, and it's NOT fun! I do remember having issues until "dailing rules" were dealt with at the server. I would start there. Here's another document that might help - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/311529
Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
Does it matter that I do not have Exhange Server. Not sure if you understood what I'm trying to accomplish.

I have Server 2003 Std running as a fax server. I have 1 modem and 1 dedicated line. I have setup fax services and I'm able to send a fax to a local fax machine from this fax server. If I send a fax from another fax machine to this fax server using the dedicated line I get a successfull fax. My goal is to help users be more productive as they need to fax. Instead of having them walk to a fax machine I'd like to share this fax server, push out with active directory and have user fax from thier desktop (word, excel, outlook). I'd like to set-up the fax server to receive faxes from an existing fax number and route to a specific location (Printer, email, or shared folder). This is where I get stuck and don't really understand how to route incoming faxes.

I looked at above solution and don't understand how this will help my situtation. I appreciate your support. I would like more ideas on this issue.


Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
I appreciate your help. This is a partial solution, so I will award you the point.
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