outlook 2000 .pst >2 gigs

I downloaded from Microsoft their 2gig .pst fixer file but it won't open - error says not a win32 app.  Running XP on Toshiba laptop.  Downloaded file is 2gb152.exe
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Don ThomsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suspect that you don't have a good copy of the file - Delete the copy you have (the self extracting exe)  and download it again to a different directory - Check the size of the file - it should be 812KB  
When you double click it - change the default location that it extracts to to something like c:\fixpstover2gb\       - It should extract 5 files  - When you double click the PST2G.exe it should load - there are 2 dll in that folder - if it still doesn't load or gives you an error - try seaching for each of the dll files and see if there are any newer or older dlls with the same name - they may be corrupt - try renaming the other copies to  xx.lld  
I think you can repair the Outlook Personal Folder with PST2GB, download from this link and see
topo59Author Commented:
I have downloaded the file fom there, 2gb152.exe  but it will not run - error says not a win32 application
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