SBS Exchange server inheriting deny full access

For some reason, Administrators are inheriting Deny Full Access on all user accounts within Exchange for small business server and im not sure where this rule is coming from. I have already checked asdiedit but Deny Full Access is not checked within. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas... Thanks!
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ajwukConnect With a Mentor Technical Consultant / Project ManagerCommented:
Sorry, yes, you'll need to choose the advanced tab in the security options and uncheck the "Allow inheritable permissions" check box making sure you copy the existing inherited permissions when it prompts you. This will then allow you to specify the permissions you want at the Exchange Server level.
I believe these perms are inherited from one of the AD system containers so if you're wanting to go against the default deny permissions you're best of using the method as above.
ajwukTechnical Consultant / Project ManagerCommented:
This is by design. You set it through the Exchange System Administrator console. Expand Servers and choose the properties of the server name below, have a look at the pemissions tab.
esitechAuthor Commented:
I just checked the permission tab on the main server in Exchange Administrator console and its also grayed out there as well
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