can't run norton antivirus

I cannot run Norton Antivirus. When I click on the Icon in the start menu, or click on Norton Antivius on All Programs -> Norton Antivirus, all I get is the 'doink' sound. It doesn't launch.

I am running Windox XP SP3. I can't tell the version of Norton because I can't start it. However, I have been subscribed to Norton for a couple of years and get the updates automatically. So, it is probably whatever the most recent version is. I haven't tried running Antivirus by hand since the latest installation.

Also, updates don't seem to install any more. I clicked on the Norton Update icon in the lower right corner and when I hover over it it says "Installing updates ..." forever.
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Hey jmarkfoley, have you tried opening Norton in Safe Mode?? When did this start, and have you noticed any system slow downs?? The reason I ask is sometimes viruses will disable some Antivirues. You could try the following although I will caution you AVG and Norton don't like each other so make sure you uninstall AVG when you get done.

Try running AVG

Try also running Ad-Aware

Hope this helps
MarkAuthor Commented:
Norton won't run in safe mode. I get the message "cannot run in safe mode". I downloaded the AVG and ran in safe mode. No viruses found.

I'm not sure when this started. Norton upgrades automatically and is scheduled to run automatically, so I have little occasion to run it by-hand.

I think the Norton program itself may be damaged. On a recent re-boot the computer did a file system check and I noticed norton files in the repair list.

What do you think? Is there a way to repair/reinstall norton? (without paying for it again)
Hello jmarkfoley, some of the Norton Installs will not run in safe mode so the message you got is normal. Have you tried running AVG from windows and also did you run Ad-Aware??

Also, another test you could do is delete all of your temporary internet files and reboot your computer. Then go back and see if they all came back again. If they did then there is a good chance that you have Ad-ware or a Virus.

You can try going to start, control panel, add and remove programs, find Norton in the list and select it. Once you do that on the right hand side there should be a icon that either says remove or change/remove. Either one, click on the icon and it should start the Norton Wizard. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE PROMPTS HERE. If it gives you the option to repair then pick that one and follow the instructions. If it says remove, then exit out of the Wizard or you will uninstall Norton.

As far as paying for it, you have to buy a subscription every year unless you bought it with a term longer than 1 year. If you are still under your 1 year term you should be fine. You may have to call Symantec to get it reactivated. Hope this helps.

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MarkAuthor Commented:
I did run AVG from Windows in safe mode. It found no viruses. I did not run the Ad-Aware program. I think it is most likely damaged program files. I had to restore my OS to a previous versions because I was having all kinds of problems running things, shutting down, etc.

I tried the change/remove on Norton and got the following message:

An error occured while trying to remove Norton AntiVirus. It may have already been uninstalled. Would you like to remove Nortin AntiVirus from the Add or Remove programs list?

I think my next step will be to go to the Norton website and see if I can get a re-download and install it from scratch. If not (easily), then maybe I'll move to AVG.

I'll keep you posted.
MarkAuthor Commented:
OK, here's the final scoop: I contacted Norton online. They have a great chat facility whereby you can chat with a technician and tell him/her your issues. It was painless. The technician looked up my account and sent me a link to download and install a fresh program. He mentioned that restores can often damage Norton. It took less than 5 minutes to download and reinstall.. Norton is back up and running.

Thanks for you help.
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