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I have installed Hyper V server on a new server, i want to virtualise sbs 2008 premium i want to use the hyer v server (server core version) for the performance benifits i have downloaded my free copy and installed the server assigned it a name and static ip i have also give my vista sp1 laptop a static ip and i can connect via rdp but when i try manage the hyper v server via hyper v manager on my laptop i get rpc errors, i have a good idea that this is related to dns and firewall issues but if im setting up a new site first off and i have no dns server all i have is a sonicwall firewall a physical server with hyper v and my laptop to manage what should i use as a dns server till i have my sbs box up and running? microsoft need to make this easier to manage and quickly i have used this in my domain and it works in a domain environment that has a dns server so i guess im asking whats the easiest way to setup and administer a new sbs premium site using your work domain joined laptop and a sonicwall firewall and switch?

again i can get it working in my work domain environment but not when i try setup a site from scratch.

thank you
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nostrasystemsAuthor Commented:
u cant ping a hyper v install straight off the firewall blocks it, i sorted it by adding an a host record to the hyper v server and my laptop now it works perfect
So the Hyper-V server is NOT a member of a domain but your laptop IS?

What is the exact RPC error that you get when you try to connect with the Hyper-V manager?
nostrasystemsAuthor Commented:
Laptop part of my work domain  -   static address
Server with hyper v server installed part of default workgroup -
Then i have a router -

i dont have a dns server on this setup and i think this is whats causing the problems only isps dns configured in the router, i get the rpc service is unavailable in hyper v manager

any ideas whats the best practice when setting this up as a fresh install in a new site?

i have got this working in our office when it has been on our domain with an internal dns server

RPC error generally indicate that the server you are trying to remotely administer has something wrong with it. What is the exact error (in quotes) that you get when you try to connect to the Hyper-V server with the Hyper-V manager?

Can you ping the Hyper-V server? If so, post the results here.
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