single forest - multiple domain - adding a cross domain user or group

I manage an AD domain with an empty root and multiple child domains. The domains are all Windows 2003. When I go to a group in domain A and try to add a group or user from domain B, the "Object Types" field changes to "Contacts or Other objects" after I change the location to Domain B. I don't have the option to select any groups or users from that location. I have set up a two-way trust between domain A and domain B but this does not seem to make any difference. What am I doing wrong?
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If the group in question is a global group, it can only contain users from within the same domain, so you would not have the option to select users/groups from the same domain.  Universal and domain local groups can contain users/groups from any domain in the forest; however, the latter can only be used to secure resources within the same domain as the domain local group.
SweedyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Laura. Much appreciated.
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