Options for ISP filtering end users equipment

I've just had a heated phone call with my ISP.

I've recently signed up for Fiber internet, here in Japan through NTT (OCN).  The technician came out to the place, ran a fiber wire, and everything in between.  He ended up dropping off 3 pieces of equipment.  1 - the Fiber modem, 2 - a piece-o-crap router, and 3 - a VOIP box.

I have my own router (c1841) that I will be using, and I told the technician that I didn't need anything except the modem.

And thus began the sherades of where I'm at now.  The technician didn't know anything more than running cable, and testing the wire once it was installed...  So I ended up having to call the ISP.

After about a half hour of going back and forth, and finally getting it into the phone-support's head (Seriuosly, in this one phone call, I was told that if I have a problem with my Cisco router, that I need to call Cisco) - that I'll be using my OWN router, and not their piece o' crap...  The support staff ends up telling me that it's not possible, and that I HAVE to use their router for service.

Nothing agrivates me more than ignorance on behalf of lazyness.  - So basically, that phone call went from "bad" to "worse" - until I was basically hung up on.

So, apart from the long story, We're up to date on where I'm at now.


After some very quick research (seriously - it's the first hit on google when I searched) - I came to their english translation of their service page:


What kind of terminal equipment do I need in order to use the OCN Hikari with FLET'S service?
The required interface is either 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX. To use the service, you need to have a LAN card and cable of your own. Also, network protocol is PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet).
NTT East/NTT West will later send you the driver for PPPoE, after you applied for OCN Hikari "B FLET'S"/"FLET'S Hikari Premium". Please install the delivered driver and use the service.
Also, if you have applied for OCN .phone (IP phone service), do not use the PPPoE driver "FLET'S connection Kit". Instead, please refer to the manual that came with the IP phone equipment delivered by NTT East/NTT West or check the website.
For further details, please contact NTT East/NTT West.


So, obviously, using a different router is possible...  But if someone could throw ideas at me on how to get it all working, It would be appreciated.

When I try the Cisco router, it doesn't obtain an address.  Also, when I connect the modem directly into a laptop and try a PPPoE connection to the ISP, same issue.

My guess is that they're doing MAC address filtering at the ISP.  Are there other ways to filter from an ISPs standpoint?

I'm at work now, so I won't be able to do anything until later, but if anybody has any fuel for my fire - please shoot them my way.
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Difficult to say, without knowing more about NTT's setup.

Since it sounds like NTT support is less than helpful, I suppose hooking up their router and then putting a hub + packet sniffer (or perhaps a switch with a monitor port, hubs are getting hard to find these days) on the connection between the router and the modem might give you some clues. Probably most relevant would be finding the modem's MAC, what authentication protocol that is used and whether there are any weird PPP options set.

First I would hook up their equipment and get it all working.

After that, you have 2 options:
1. replicate their router config on your Cisco
2. put their "crappy router" in bridge mode and then yours behind it.

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usslindstromAuthor Commented:
As per your guys' suggestions (thanks very much by the way) - I hooked up the ISPs equipment.

To add more to my anger here.  The router IS required in the mix.

The catch being here, is that end users have been removed from being able to configure their equipment.

The local address of the router is no longer available 192.168.x.x.  And for ANY configuration changes, you have to log onto the ISPs website and configure the router through a VPN.

I'm not joking here.

Where I have some serious beef with this, is what's the most likely cause of somebody needing to configure their router.  Home user, Business user, whoever...  The biggest reason to configure a router - would be to connect / repair the internet connection.

Unfortunately, with NTTs business plan here, you have to USE an internet connection to fix the problem of an internet connection going down.

Am I the only one that thinks this is insane?

I'll be putting the ntt router (if it's possible) in bridge mode very shortly.  I've been fighting this thing for about 6 hours straight...

I'll keep you guys posted.
do a tracert on your command prompt and see what is the next hop after your lan may be they just chagned the IP of their device.

usslindstromAuthor Commented:
This was the only option available, as the link only is operational using the ISPs equipment.  Aparently, aside from the VPN issue, it uses some nasty proprietarial crap.. .

So, your suggestion of throwing the ISPs craptastic router into bridge mode was my only option.  However, the small ISP router doesn't support bridging - so I just dropped the Cisco router into a DMZ of the original, and port forwarded everything.

I hate horrible customer service from ISPs.  Seroiusly.
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