How to make computer automatically turn on after a power failure?

How do I make computer automatically turn on after a power failure?  I'm assuming it is a bios settings.  If the power goes out, I would like to computer to automatically turn on again when the power resumes.  I have an asus m2n-e motherboard.

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jckingjcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Trevor007,

I think it can be set in your BIOS. Restart ur PC, and press Del or F10 to go in BIOS.

Look for a setting under power management to set the computer to turn back on
after a power failure. It will be different for every BIOS.
apc would solve all of this
Trevor007Author Commented:
I have an APC but sometimes the power can be off for several hours and I would need an expensive APC to last that long.

I will check the bios
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for your motherboard, per page 4-33 of your manual, select the power page, then restore on AC power loss
see attachment
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