Bluebeam quit working for standard Users, after demoting Server 2003 To Member Server From DC.

We have a Poweredge 2950 8gb ram, Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition.
It was formatted and reloaded clean in September, by the former IT Guy.
He installed the server as a Domain Controller, there are 3 more DCs.
The server runs Terminal Services in Application Server Mode and is licensed and activated.
I am working to bring the whole network up to something approaching best practices.
One of the things I attempted to resolve was that Terminal Servers should not be Domain Controllers.
So I ran DCPromo and demoted the server to a Member Server of the Domain.
This went well, but I had to add Terminal Server Users from the domain to the Remote Desktop Users Group on the server to get standard users to be able to connect via RDP.
So all was well, and I thought I had it feeling better, and closer to MS Best practices.
After that users are no longer able to print .pdfs to the Bluebeam Revu pdf printer, when they are using standard user accounts.  If I logon with Administrator creds, it works fine.
So I tried different things to resolve and hit on a compromise, if I add the users to an admin group it works, I have put the few users that use it in the domain admins group and the file permissions on shared directories still work, and they are able to use the program.
Obviously I can't leave standard users in the Domain Admins Group...
I have read the instructions for the software, and repeated the installation, input the serial and key and its still registered to admin users, but when standard users attempt to print to the Bluebeam PDF printer, they get stuck at the Registration Screen with correct info in the serial and product key, that they have to be a member of the administrators group to complete registration.
This is an Active Directory Domain.
I know that there is some combination of user rights that can be assigned to the Terminal Server Users group that will allow the registration function of the software to go through that will allow standard users to properly use the software.
Has anybody here crossed this bridge or can you point me in the right direction?
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ZebracomputersConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Issue was resolved via tech support from Bluebeam.
It was a permissions issue, as I surmised.
I had to add the appropriate permissions to a folder in the All users folder.
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