Schedule Task for running SSIS package

Hi All

I need some input how to do the best way for the following condition:

We have an uploa, etxract and load  file that is specified by the user and this user will set the time when it's going to kick off. BTW , we also keep the schedule in table in the database.  

We are utilisiing Ms SQL 2005 SSIS package to upload, extract and load in this case.

On general ETL process, the time is set as a specific time and in our case is NOT.

Any ideas how to do this? I am thinking to create  a small routime to check this schedule every 5 minutes or something and if it's passed the schedule time then run that SSIS package. But again I am open with new suggestion or other methods. People saying to use QUEUE but again I am not familar with this.

Thanks for your input.

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Steve HoggITCommented:
You could put an Execute SQL Task inside a Loop Container. The SQL Task will check for the database record, if it finds, exit the loop, otherwise wait for x amount of time then check again.
In essence your SSIS package will run until it finds the key to actually run the file.
dewacorp_alliancesAuthor Commented:
With this method, I guess the exact running it's not going precise unless it sets to 1 minutes or so which I guess it's over kill. Also, 5-10 will be the best I believe.

BTW is there any other methods though?


And if you create a SQL trigger in your database table that the user update to fire the SSIS Package to the ETL?!
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dewacorp_alliancesAuthor Commented:
I don't think the trigger is applicable in this schenario cause the schedule task is determined by ther use (they can set the time they want). If you know what I mean.
ok... but where the user set the time? In the database, correct? Or if not, is not possible to update some field in database by the user that trigger fires when this field changed? regards
dewacorp_alliancesAuthor Commented:
Hi PedroCGD

The user  set the time in database. But what I am saying that entry of the time can be set by the user so for instance let say now is 5AM and the set this upload mechanism package (as apart of the OLTP process) at 10PM.  I want to package to run on that time.
You can execute a SQL Job each minute, and the SSIS package check if has work to do... if not exit, if yes do the work...
simple and you dont decrease performance if the first step in the ssis package is to check if there is some work to do...

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