entourage 2004 / 2008 Issues with Exchange 2007

Hi Experts -

I have a situation that has baffled me as well as MS Support.  I have a user that is currently on Mac OS X V 10.5.5 and was using Entourage 2004.  Our email system is Exchange 2007 that comes with SBS 2008.  After a lot of research and trial and error I was able to get the user running and was able to send/receive emails just fine.  However, a few days ago, all of a sudden she wasn't able to receive emails.  She can still send emails but the sent items box was not syncing with her outlook 2007 box or OWA at the office.  I tried creating new profiles and still nothing would work.  The only thing I saw updating was her calendar.  I decided to upgrade her to Office 2008 STD and she is still experiencing the same issues.  But when I right click on the folders and go to folder size, it shows the correct size but nothing is inside the folders (however the folder structure transfered over).

I created a new test user and setup a profile using her computer and was able to send and receive emails just fine.  I looked at her AD settings and nothing has changed.  ANY help is greatly appreciated!!!

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Wow, that is odd.

Tell you what, I think you could take a lot of time and try to troubleshoot this, but if it was ME I would do the following:

1) Backup the user's mail, contacts, calendar, etc.
2) Take note of the user's group memberships and / or any other relevant Active Directory data
3) Delete the user's Active Directory account
4) Purge the user's mailbox
5) Recreate the Active Directory account and mailbox
6) Log into the account with a Windows machines and dump the e-mail backup back into her account via Outlook
7) Go get some coffee
UndisputedAuthor Commented:
Haha thanks!

For kicks, I created a new entourage identity (while still logged in as her on her mac) and put my information there.  It synced my inbox and subfolders but it didn't want to sync my calendar, sent items, and deleted items.  Also, my contacts have subfolders and some contacts listed on all.  The subfolder contacts synced but my main contact folder didn't!  So I doubt it's her account now (althought I was so close to doing just that).

I'm going to try and create a new user on her mac tonight and see if that works.
Alright, let us know the results.
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UndisputedAuthor Commented:
Ok so i created a new user on her mac (not joined to domain) and a new identity for her entourage (my info) and all my inbox mail including subfolders synced.  However, my sent items, deleted items, and main calendar did NOT sync.  My contacts located in subfolders under my main contact folder DID sync.  
UndisputedAuthor Commented:
Ok here's what I've come up with:

All folders with less than 140 - 150 items sync properly and anything over that does not sync.   I verified this by moving items out of one folder that was not syncing properly so that it was below 140 items and it synced right away.  Hope this helps.  Apparently this is a problem for a lot of people.
Hmm... that is interesting.

Unfortunately I have limited experience with the Entourage client so I don't have a specific answer for you.

Is their a per folder or per account cache that can be cleared out to confirm that you are seeing all the most recent items?

Hopefully someone else will weigh in.... perhaps you should also add this question to the generic e-mail clients question zone.
UndisputedAuthor Commented:
I cleared the cache and forced it to sync again but no luck.  I've been on and off with MS support and haven't had any luck there as well.
UndisputedAuthor Commented:
Ok so typing this in an admin cmd prompt works but still have to figure out why...
Sc stop fileinfo (stop fileinfo filter)
Then Sync your entourage (it should start syncing folders with over 140 items)
Sc start fileinfo (to restart it)

However, if you have others with entourage and you restart the fileinfo before they sync, they will not be able to sync.  So it's not really a fix. It's more like putting bandaid on a cut every time you need to.
UndisputedAuthor Commented:
Ok the fix apparently is to just stop that filter.  It does not need to be running.

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