Outlook Express fails to send messages

I am having an issue with outlook express. all of a sudden, it refuses to send email messages.  I can receive email fine, but when i try to send a message, i get the following error:

"The connection to the server has failed. Account 'mail.comcast.net', Server 'smtp.comcast.net', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E"

I have tried deleting the account, and recreating it, and also using another smtp server, that i know works.  I have also tried forcing the system to sent the username and password.

All without any success. I am stumped for ideas.

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Dear Friends,

Please check that your problem is with sending mails. there could be following possiblility

1. Your system is blocking port 25 and 110. If any software / Antivirus securuity suite / Antivirus is doing this blocking of port, please allow system to access it on internet,
2. Check out the setting of SMTP server with the service provider and update it in your outlook.

This should work.
If you have not changed anything since the last time you checked / sent mail, do not adjust your settings simply close Outlook Express, reopen it and try again later.

In windows XP try resetting the TCP/IP stack, by:

* Clicking on Start then Run then type in cmd
* On the screen which opens, type in netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

If this has not resolved your problem you need to check your Outlook Express settings, making sure that the POP3 and SMTP servers are correct.

Next, ensure port 25 for SMTP is not blocked by your LAN, proxy, firewall or Internet Service provider. This is a very common scenario where an ISP blocks outgoing port 25 access to third party SMTP server for their customers.

You can workaround that by changing to port 26 by following the third demo video set at

If you are still unable to send, ensure outgoing SMTP authentication is enabled. If that also fails, you would need to check with your ISP if they are blocking third party SMTP servers and ask them for the SMTP server you should use.

You can configure by following tutorial 3 at http://www.nettigritty.com/support/hosting/tutorials/cpaneltutorials.php

If youre still having problems, it could be that Outlook Express is itself corrupt. You may need to uninstall and reinstall it.

build18er--Similar problem here
My guess is the SentItems.dbx folder is corrupt.
If that does not help, create a new Identity.
build18er--I should have added that the problem could be a corrupted outbox.dbx.
Well, I think I gave that answer first.
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