Put a download limit for LAN users

I have a LAN with Windows 2003 domain, using Sonicwall PRO 2040, and all the internet users are created in Sonicwall (coz there is some problem in intetgrating active directory users). There are around 75 users. We have a commercial internet connection, that means, more usage than the Cap, means more money to pay.
I want to limit the usage of internet for the user, as per user per day basis, so if he exceeds 40MB a day, for the rest of the accounts get blocked.
My Sonic does give me reports of Top Users their websites, bytes downloaded etc, but that is, after the damage is done, and then running after the users make no stronger sense.
Is there any solution, to keep them away from large downloads and viewing to huge images (like email or websites)
One last, point, my dsl router is connected to the firewall directly and from firewall to the switch, so no computer is in the middle.
Thank you.
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waquarAuthor Commented:
sorry for being not generous about the points, as i do not have much in hand. But I sure can increase if somebody has a real workable solution
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Number of points is irrelevant as they are only for fun. Most people are on here to help rather than gain points.

You are not going to be able to do this natively - e.g. there are no in-built functions that will let you do this. the 2040 mentions bandwidth throttling but this appears to be more on the side of QoS controls rather than on a user basis. Personally we have a web server sitting in the middle with GFI Webmonitor and this allows restrictions to be put in place per user/ip address. The Ip address filter can be a little temperamental as we do not assign consistent ip addresses (DHCP) but the user filters work fine everytime.

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What about figuring out what the major bandwith sites are, and blocking them, assuming they're not business related? I'm not familiar with the sonicwalls, but I would expect either that or the router to have options to block certain ports (good for blocking limewire-type programs) or websites (good for youtube-type sites).  While it may not solve the issue altogether, it would certainly cut down on the usage, not to mention, help make your staff less distracted and more productive.

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waquarAuthor Commented:
thank you Keith
your solution sound practical, but expensive, coz i have to buy the license of ISA (with i think number of users too), plus the gfi software license also to be purchased.

Yeah Jz, we already are following that, but you know the more you block the more they find new sites to entertain themselves.
plus the mail sites, like yahoo and hotmail, we want to give them these facilities, but over-use, is what we want to discourage or control.
streaming sites list, mp3 and youtube are already block and so are VoIP and telephony sites, but still not a solution.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
True - it is not cheap but it is hard to put a cost on security and control. Altermnative is to purchase the control as a service from the ISP maybe?
waquarAuthor Commented:
right I think I will not get any further varieties solutions of my issue.
Thank you very much Keith and Jz
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Welcome :)
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