Migrating from exchange server - old server still prompting for password

So I have been using a horrible exchange provider for a few years now (1and1). I finally canceled my service with them and moved to another company. After creating a new profile and setting up my service with this new company (outlook 2007), my outlook is still prompting my for my old 1and1 password. When I first open outlook i am prompted for the password for my new provider, then a few minutes later i am prompted for the password for my old provider (service is canceled), i click cancel and it sporadically comes up about 4 times per hour (this is happening on two different computers). Here are the troubleshooting steps i have already tried:

Created New Outlook Profile
Manually Entered New server Settings
Used Autodiscover for new server settings
Deleted entire outlook folder (one with the pst files) and recreated new profile
Unintalled and Reinstalled Outlook
Disabled/Uninstalled any application i can think of that connects with outlook (xinobi, couldmark, etc)
Checked hosts file
Flushed DNS
Verified settings with new provider
Searched for the server (exchange.1and1.com) in my registry for any remaining keys
Installed outlook 2007 on an alternate computer that never connected to 1and1 and used autodiscover to setup my new exchange account and it had no prompts for the old 1and1 password

im determined to figure out how to fix this using a method other than format and reinstall windows. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!
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stephen15cConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I fixed it! I searched the contents of all the files on my system for "1and1". Apparently 1and1's utility that sets up the exchange account also adds an XML file that keeps pointing outlook to the 1and1 Autodiscover. The file is located in: c:\documents and settings\USER\application data The file is labeled redirect.xml renamed the file on the two systems so far and for the last half day 0 password prompts from 1and1!
Hi stephen15c,
Can be Antivirus software related. Try turn off Application control in your Antivirus/firewall software. That helped me when I had similar issue.
stephen15cAuthor Commented:
Tried disabling AV and problem is still there.
stephen15cAuthor Commented:
I found the solution to my problem and added it to the comments above - this should be left for future users to reference.
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