creator cannot view the content of notes db

hello all,

Anyone knows how to solve and the reason of the problem below?

Scenario: I created a document inside my notes db, for example I created "minutes doc" inside the "test.nsf" notes DB. Then the next day when I tried to Access the DB, it was empty..I cannot see the document that I created the other day... but when I copied the DB(test.nsf) to my local and tried to open it, I can see the document. How does it happen?
I assume that I had the read and write access to the document of the db since I am the creator of it.
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds good.
Check it tomorrow, and if needed, run fixup and compact -c on it

I hope this helps !
Hi There. What Access do you have to the Database? Also, are there Readers fields in the Design of the form that you used to create the document with?
sy_geoffreyAuthor Commented:
hi, I already solve the problem.. I think the DB in our notes server is corrupted but when i copied it to my local and try to open it I can read all the contents and documents. After that I place it to the server replacing the old DB and it is already accessible.
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