Welcome back kretzschmar :)

we missed you :P
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
didn't know meikl was gone,
but hey welcome back from me too :)

ciuly means there is a lot of questions he has no answer to
and would like to see you solve them ;)
2266180Author Commented:
lol :P
AlexSoftware EngineerCommented:
Good morning and welcome back kretzschmar! Good news for all!!!!

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I helped bring him back, putting him to good use on an internal EE project.  Now I realize that he's competing with me on open Delphi questions (and he's much more experienced) -- d'oh!

Seriously.  Welcome back, Meikl
Yes, hello again! Now you can make yourself useful in moving Delphi into the Languages TA and not hidden under Pascal! The shame of it!
CodedKSenior Software EngineerCommented:
Welcome back Kretzschmar.

Its nice to have you back, its a pity to see all the burden of Delphi TA being pulled from 2-4 persons.
Welcome ...   :)
CodedKSenior Software EngineerCommented:

C++ questions : 47615
C#   questions : 39273
Delphi : 48476

Based on the numbers only it should be in a more obvious place.
And based on the fact that C#, C++ occupy a separate space so should Delphi.

Keeping it under Pascal is like having PhotoShop under Microsoft Paint.
TheRealLokiSenior DeveloperCommented:
> make yourself useful in moving Delphi into the Languages TA and not hidden under Pascal! The shame of it!
Sshh!! soon it will probably be
2266180Author Commented:
>> /Programming/Languages/.NET/Delphi

actually, that's prism. delphi stays where it is :P
thanks mates,
thanks aikmark, to make it possible,

well i'm back as pe for delphi, but in case my current limited time will persist for a while,
guess until mid 2009 (your chance to catch me, ciuly  :-))
so that i can only lookup, what happens here, in a longer termed intervall
(btw. if are any problems here, contact me via eMail (see my profile), i will react allways asap (in a short term))

about aikimarks comment: ...putting him to good use on an internal EE project
well i have me orientated about this project, but not much done at the meantime . . . but this will change soon

>Keeping it under Pascal is like having PhotoShop under Microsoft Paint.
*lol* at least as delphi is an enhancement of pascal, i would mean its is ok that the delphi-topic is placed here (will think about it, maybe i can force a change, because at least c++ is an enhancement of c, so c++ should be under c and c# under c++ (as an enhancemnt of c++))

thanks to all, will try to keep on track

meikl ;-)

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2266180Author Commented:
>> your chance to catch me, ciuly

I'll try :P

and now I can finally close this question :)
2266180Author Commented:
don't leave again. ever :P
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