Mapping does not succeed


Since a couple of weeks we have the problem that some of our mappings do not work.
We make a couple of mappings during a user's logon and use these statements:
net use f: \\applicatie\programs
net use g: \\data\data
net use h: \\archief\masters

and so on

Five of the seven mappings succeed - they map to two different servers. The two that don't succeed have to map to the so called storage server. Just an ordinary server - nothing special. But over and over again the mappings don't succeed. If, however, after a couple of minutes the user starts a little batch we made with just these two mappings in it, the mappings appear (of course instead of that mapping te drives manually works too). The next time a user logs on they've disappeared however, even if we use the /persistent:yes statement. Another workaround (in the mapping.bat: insert a delay of 30 seconds before mapping to the two drives) did not help either.
What can be the cause of this?
Any help would be appreciated!
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I'm having the same issues. Windows explorer do not show the mapping, thought, ex. Excel->File->Open dialog show the mapped drive. Disconnect and connect will show the drive in Windows Explorer. Think this is a sweet Bug in Winserver2003/XP, This has never happend on Vista for me.

Any tricks will be helpful for me to...

You might need to be carefull when windows maps drives.  If you are trying to use or map a drive and you don't put the right credentials, you might get stock with the first try you made to map the drive.  It will be better to map a drive and parse the credentials information so the mapping happens with certaing credentials and not with the ones you are intending to use.

To un-map or disconnect erroneous credentials:

tools-->disconnect network drives. // This will give you a list of the drives you have mapped. Disconnect and start from scratch.  

To map a drive with credenatials use:

net use \\computer\folder /user:administrator domain\password
net use \\computer\folder /user:administrator password.

Good luck.
This is to delete the mapped drive.  

net use [DRIVE]: \\[PATH]\ /DELETE

Good luck.
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vbvb01Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply, but sorry, the net use \\computer\folder /user:administrator password solution does not work.

Anyone another solution?
Hi vbv01

Just to clarify your, your problem is, you cannot map to one server using batch files but it works when you use net use manually?

Can you make sure that the net logon service in the server is not disabled and set to manual?

good luck.

vbvb01Author Commented:
"Just to clarify your, your problem is, you cannot map to one server using batch files but it works when you use net use manually?"

The problem with this one server is that the mapping-code in the initial (logon) batch does not work. When a user starts a little batch (in which only the two mappings involved are programmed) later on it does work. So it's not a batch-problem or a matter of using the wrong string.

The Netlogon Service is enabled on the server involved.

Another suggestion would be appreciated.
vbvb01Author Commented:
Problem solved!

We have two domain controllers and the replication of the netlogon between those two did not work anymore. Therefor it happened that the changes I made in the mapping batch weren't copied to the other netlogon folder. And because our network apparantly favors our second server more than the first one most users didn't read the right batch.

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