How can I configure remote connection to server through a BT Home Hub

I have had to change over to a BT Home Hub as a router and I can now no longer connect to my server remotely, when I am out at client sites.

Has anyone got experience of setting a Home Hub up in this respect - I understand that its aimed at the consumer market but it's what I need to use for the time being.


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bignewfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have no experience with these, but I would look for menu's with port forwarding rules. If you want to rdp into your server remotely, then you need to find a port forwarding rule allowing port 3389 tcp or udp. This rule must then be bound to the internal address of the server.

Most of the consumer router firewalls use port forwarding to allow outside traffic in.
Sometimes, you need to look under gaming/applications to find the port forwarding configuration menu.

If you use a dialup connection on another pc, you can test your  remote access while making changes to your router
NetZero and Juno offer free dialup service. This can save you troubleshooting time

Hope this helps.
Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it have port forwarding in its setups?

The documentation available from BT and Thomson (if you look at Thomson's top 2 models of VoIP offerings you'll probably see which of those BT has them rebrand as the HomeHub) for that model leaves a lot to be desired.
CSHTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. In the end I decided against using the Home Hub as it is aimed more at using BT services rather than a normal router. Now using Netgear. :-)
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