Setting up a VPN server

I would like to implement theory on VPN into actual practice. But need some guidelines on how to set up a VPN. What I would like to test out is the following scenario:
1 computer over the internet trying to access a VPN server that is connected to a private lan.

1) What should I use to implement a FREE VPN SOFTWARE server? Ideally some service on Windows. But what windows version
2) Then I need a detailed guideline how to set up the parameters to connect. Some detailed URL link with images would be the best!

thanks for your help
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thegrooverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it did not ask the password for me, but it is also for windows 2003 vpn.

i use ISA server, you can get an evaluation version from microsoft site, it has a step-by-step vpn configuration wizard which can help you setup your environment.
or 602 software has (or had) a product called lanSuite, which is free for 5 users and you can setup a VPN server with it. here are the instructions

if you have windows and lansiute, you can use the links i sent to setup your vpn
borgb002Author Commented:
2nd link is asking for a password
3rd link shows how to connect a win2k3 server to a vpn server (if I'm not mistken!)

Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Incase you need a Open-Source solution the below link has a good list;
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