email received in exchange account not for that account

One of my users has received an email, probably spam.
What I don't understand is that it is from some 3rd party, but the 'To' field has another one of our users in it.
i.e. it has been received by but addressed to
Any ideas?
We use SBS2003 with Exchange, both SP2. she does not have user2's email address in her profile.
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JoWickermanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

But like I said, the spammer sent a mail to user2 and Bcc in user1. Thus, user1 will receive the mail but will only see user2's address.
Hi Jason,

Go to the user1's exchange profile and verify the redirection mail address and alias of the existing email address. its not configured properly.

wintel MJS
jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
Hi wintel mjs,
User1's details are all correct, user2 is not mentioned anywhere and vice versa.
User1's alias is user1 and user2's alias is user2
Neither has permission to the others account
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Mark GalvinManaging Director / Principal ConsultantCommented:

Two thigns to try:
Delegate permissions OR
In AD go to the users "Exchange General" TAB. Then check the "Delivery options".

Maybe user1 was Bcc in the mail? Did user2 receive the mail as well? Most spammers work like that...

jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
There is nothing set up under delivery options.
A naive question, but is there like a cache in Exchange that could be corrupt or something, because there is nothing in user1 or user2's profile relating to each other
Did both users receive the mail?
jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
Both users received the email.
I look at a few other accounts and could not see it there.
user2 did not bcc user1
If this is spammers, I'll just ignore it, I just don't know how user1 received an email destined for another of our users
jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
Thanks JoWickerman,
I appreciate the input.
They can be a real pain in the rear.
Please send me the address of the spammers, I have something for them:)
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