How can I disable the menu tabs from linking to pages but keep sub menus active?

I have a website I am testing with drupal. And I got a great theme working with the primary links having submenu items that drop down when the user hovers over the tab. But the tab (primary links) forces me to have a page linked to it. Is there some way to disable this?

Basically I would like the tab that has sub menus connected to it not to link to anything and require the user to click on one of the links that drop down.

Any ideas?
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oliverpoldenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They are both modules:

Here are a couple of tutorials I found very useful:

In my experience clients really don't know best.  It's always a good idea to go with your content management rather than manipulate it.  It will save you work, and you won't have unforseen issues in the future.

However, I would suggest simply changing the cursor to text or default in the css for the primary links. (cursor:text; or cursor:default;) The link will still be clickable but won't look like it is, so you can just create a basic page that makes sense should someone still click on it.
Hi I would say that it doesn't make sense to do this and you should create a page for each of the primary links.  These pages can be an overview, of all the sub pages, you can even have them automatically generated using views and/or panels.  It will make your life much easier and make more sense to your users and the search engines.
nichiaiincAuthor Commented:
Really? I was thinking just the opposite, Like i don't want to see a summary and I just plan to go to the page that i want to view? Well, the other idea you proposed with a auto generated views or panels, how does one do this?

I would still like to know if its possible to disable it, because some of my clients ask for it.

Seconding what oliverpolden wrote. They are absolutely right. A visitor to your site expects that the menu items will behave in a predictable manner--that is to say that they can predict it without having ever been on your site, not that your site is internally consistent.

I also highly recommend having a summary page if only from a user experience/usability standpoint.
nichiaiincAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys for this information.
oliverpolden, some excellent links. I really enjoyed them.

thanks again
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